5 Benefits to keeping your natural teeth

Your natural teeth can last for decades and even your entire life if they’re cared for properly, which can be beneficial to your health, wallet and self-esteem…


Here at New England Dental Group in Armidale we are dedicated to preserving your natural teeth, whether it be through preventative dentistry or restorative dentistry such as crowns or root canal therapy. Our doctors have special interest in the preservation of your natural teeth, and we have years of dedicated experience dealing with accelerated conditions that can potentially result in extraction. We have the best dentists in the business as they have both meticulous and caring service. When it comes to the teeth you want somebody who is precise as this is the only way you will be able to keep your teeth well into your old age.

There are a number of benefits to keeping your natural teeth which should motivate you to maintain your natural smile.

1) The function of your bite will be much better

The function of your smile will be far better with your natural teeth than with prosthetic teeth. Dental implants and bridges are still very effective; however nothing beats your natural tooth because nothing fits in your mouth so well. When you bite together ever small discrepancy in the shape of your tooth will interact with other teeth, enhancing the way you bite and the cosmetic appearance of your smile.

2) No hassle of removable dentures

If teeth are not cared for properly, as we get older they can later require extraction or they can simply fall out due to dental disease such as periodontitis. While there are a number of reasons why your teeth could fall out, it is concurred among the elderly that they’d far prefer their natural teeth to their dentures. This is because dentures can often create problems due to the fact that they can be loose or ill-fitting in the mouth.

3) The cosmetic appearance of your smile will be unaffected

By keeping your natural teeth you can rest assured that the cosmetic appearance of your smile will stay the same. It is much more beneficially to softly enhance your smile through cosmetic dentistry, rather than completely replace your teeth is this enables you to maintain feeling and a more realistic smile.

4) Your smile will be more resilient to problems such as decay and periodontitis

When we open your tooth for root canal therapy, or expose the inner part of your gums for dental implant insertion this can expose the delicate tissue in your mouth. This tissue is susceptible to bacteria which can reproduce rapidly in your mouth, resulting in plaque infection and in worst case scenario periodontitis. By keeping your natural teeth you will be able to avoid dental pain and severe conditions, whilst maintaining your natural smile.

5) It will be cheaper in the long run!

Although dental implants and bridges are strong and resilient alternatives to your natural teeth, they still require investment. This is money that could be saved for other investments such as holidays, or refining your natural teeth with cosmetic treatments such as veneers or teeth whitening.

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