An implant may be the difference between one lost tooth and a whole lot of missing teeth

By replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant you are doing your oral health a great service


Replacing one lost tooth can make all the difference in your oral health because replacing a tooth will ensure the strength and density of your jaw will stay at its best, and a dental implant will prevent your teeth from twisting into the gap left by a missing tooth. When you lose a tooth it can affect your gums, your jaw, your teeth and it also can affect eating. On top of that missing teeth can put your bite out of alignment and that can cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a serious and debilitating disorder that carries with it a whole host of problems.

The solution is simple…

As soon as you lose a tooth, or have to have it extracted dentists everywhere will strongly recommend you get a dental implant to replace it—and soon. This is for your own benefit and for the continued healthy state of your oral health. Your oral health is also important to the rest of your general health. Did you know that poor oral health can cause further problems with your general health? A missing tooth can lead to gum disease and gum disease can release bacteria into the rest of the body: oral health issues have been linked to cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart attacks and heart disease. While scientists are not 100% sure as to the exact links, they are certain of the links and that oral health has been known to detrimentally impact people’s lives.

Just think, so many illnesses and problems can be solved by just replacing that one missing tooth. Filling that gap can be the difference between health and illness. Not only will a dental implant help prevent a host of problems they are also a strong and durable solution that will last a lifetime.

…An artificial tooth root

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, this is one of the reasons dental implants are great for your oral health. As a result of a lost tooth, the jaw bone can lose its density and if there isn’t enough jaw bone mass a dental implant can become a painful procedure: so the quicker you get an implant the better it will be for you. Why is getting a dental implant as soon as possible a necessity? If you leave it for too long you may need a bone graft to enable the dentist to be able to insert the dental implant.

The way the dental implant works is that one of our dentists here at New England Dental Group will surgically insert the implant into the jaw. Once the implant has bonded with your jaw it will act as a root for either crowns or bridges to be attached. The beauty of this is that once the crowns or bridges are attached your smile will be renewed, but more than this the artificial tooth will look and feel like your natural.

One dental implant can make such a difference to your oral health, but as always we recommend you come in to our dental practice to have a discussion with one of our dentists to discuss your options.

For more information on our dental implant treatments, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located Armidale dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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