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Replace your missing teeth with dental implants

Back in the day when someone lost one or more of their teeth there was no sustainable replacement measure aside from dentures or dental bridges. Since the addition of dental implant technology, there is now a way to replace missing teeth using a natural looking and permanent alternative. What are dental implants? A dental implant […]

Are you ready for graduation UNE students?

Graduation is a great and exciting time for all students. So you have your graduation outfit and cap but what about your smile? Here at Armidale’s New England Dental Group, we’ve got the perfect solution – cosmetic dentistry. There are only a handful of life’s moments that earn a milestone and ranked highly up there […]

5 Benefits to keeping your natural teeth

Your natural teeth can last for decades and even your entire life if they’re cared for properly, which can be beneficial to your health, wallet and self-esteem… Here at New England Dental Group in Armidale we are dedicated to preserving your natural teeth, whether it be through preventative dentistry or restorative dentistry such as crowns […]

Fix your chips and cavities with New England Dental Group’s resin restorations

Resin restorations are versatile and can be used to install fillings as well as fix small chips or discrepancies in the teeth Resin is a premium and versatile dental tool which can be used to both seal holes within the teeth and fix chips and misshapen sections of tooth. Tooth-coloured resin can also be used […]

An implant may be the difference between one lost tooth and a whole lot of missing teeth

By replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant you are doing your oral health a great service Replacing one lost tooth can make all the difference in your oral health because replacing a tooth will ensure the strength and density of your jaw will stay at its best, and a dental implant will prevent […]

White teeth extend beyond your smile

Many studies have found a correlation between white teeth and overall attractiveness A study conducted recently found that a white smile has an influential impact on positive social interactions, both socially and professionally! It’s true; your smile is a dominant feature of your face, which means your smile is what most people first notice about […]

Choose a healthy, attractive and environmentally friendly tooth filling option at New England Dental Group

Traditional amalgam fillings have been found to be unsightly, ineffective and unhealthy Comprised of an alloy containing 50% mercury, these traditional dark grey fillings have been found to present a range of disadvantages when compared to the contemporary filling materials we use in our Armidale dental practice. The disadvantages of traditional amalgam fillings Some health […]

Let Your Smile Lead You to Success

Studies show an aesthetically pleasing smile helps create success It has been said that whiter teeth are viewed more favourably for first impressions, and now it has been proven. Numerous studies undertaken in America have indicated a direct link between an aesthetically pleasing smile and success. Our smile plays a dramatic part in how onlookers […]

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