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Root Canal: It’s not too late to save your infected tooth!

At New England Dental we believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we provide root canal therapy to save a patient’s wobbly or infected tooth. It should come as no surprise that keeping your natural teeth is always the more preferred choice than prosthetic replacements. When would you need root canal therapy? […]

Stop grinding the night away: invest in a splint today!

  Are you or a loved one grinding teeth at night? Did you know that most cases of teeth grinding (80%) occur subconsciously during sleep? If you answered yes to the above, you may we suffering from TMD. However don’t fret you are not alone. Here at New England Dental in Armidale we have helped a […]

Is it the Armidale chilly wind that’s keeping your teeth sensitive this summer?

Armidale is renowned for its chilling winds that cause most people on a sunny day to reach for a winter coat and beanie to cover themselves… Those who reside in the New England area understand why many of the Armidale residents know the ‘true meaning’ of cold; because of Armidale’s geographical situation unfortunately we receive […]

Blemish Free Smiles Now Possible With New England Dental Group

Are your teeth looking less than their best? Perhaps it is time to consider the cosmetic treatment options available at New England Dental Group… Our teeth are designed to draw attention, they let others know how we are thinking and what we are feeling and are insightful in regards to our personalities and attitudes. To […]

Fix Your Smile and Restore your Chewing Ability

There’s Only One Restorative Treatment That Replaces the Whole Tooth Dental implants are the best restorative treatment currently available because they replace the whole tooth.  There are also a number of benefits to dental implants over bridges and dentures. While bridges and dentures are an effective way to looking after your natural teeth by replacing […]

Dental Education Courses

In the latter months of this year, our dentist has attended the following courses to ensure his dental skills are up-to-date with modern dental standards… Courses: Treatment Planning and Communication Pearls for Everyday Practice, Aesthetics and Beyond Placing and maintaining Aesthetic Restorations Regenerative Endodontic Procedures ‘Rethink Resolve and Regenerate’ We will keep you posted throughout […]

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