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Replace your missing teeth with dental implants

Back in the day when someone lost one or more of their teeth there was no sustainable replacement measure aside from dentures or dental bridges. Since the addition of dental implant technology, there is now a way to replace missing teeth using a natural looking and permanent alternative. What are dental implants? A dental implant […]

Is it the Armidale chilly wind that’s keeping your teeth sensitive this summer?

Armidale is renowned for its chilling winds that cause most people on a sunny day to reach for a winter coat and beanie to cover themselves… Those who reside in the New England area understand why many of the Armidale residents know the ‘true meaning’ of cold; because of Armidale’s geographical situation unfortunately we receive […]

How Root Canal Therapy Saves Your Tooth

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal treatment is designed to save your teeth Are your teeth sensitive when you chew or bite? Do you have constant pain in one of your teeth? If you’ve answered yes to one or both of these questions you may require root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is not […]

Periodontal disease can cause havoc in your mouth

Endodontics and restorative dentistry can save your teeth from the effects of gum disease Periodontitis is an extremely dangerous dental disease which affects many older Australians. It is a severe gum infection caused by dental plaque and tartar on the teeth which stems from neglecting your dental hygiene regime. In order to combat this very […]

Fix your chips and cavities with New England Dental Group’s resin restorations

Resin restorations are versatile and can be used to install fillings as well as fix small chips or discrepancies in the teeth Resin is a premium and versatile dental tool which can be used to both seal holes within the teeth and fix chips and misshapen sections of tooth. Tooth-coloured resin can also be used […]

Why root canal treatment is as easy as a regular dental check-up

Fear of root canal treatment should be a thing of the past Back in the day when root canal treatment started there may have been cause for fear, but nowadays with anaesthetics readily available (and safe) root canal treatments are as safe and routine as a dental check-up. To say that it is as routine […]

New ‘tooth tattoo’ detects bacteria in the mouth!

Scientists have created a revolutionary thin film that can help dentists detect decay and periodontal disease! Scientists have taken dental technology to the next level – creating a unique ‘tooth tattoo’ that can assist dentist in identifying and diagnosing periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay by giving readings of bacteria quantities in the mouth! The […]

Supermodel loses two front teeth in car crash

Recently retired supermodel Paula Hamilton swerved off the road and into a pole to avoid hitting a deer and its’ faun. In a bid to avoid a mother deer and its’ faun on the road, retired supermodel Paula Hamilton swerved off the tarmac and straight into a lamppost which resulted in losing two teeth. Paula […]

A clean mouth means a clear brain!

Studies have shown a link between Dementia and oral health A recent study by the University of California has discovered a connection between poor dental hygiene and Dementia by following the progress of over 5,500 elderly people over a period of 18 years. The study found that those who brushed less than once a day […]

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