About Us

At New England Dental Group we are committed to providing premium customer service to our patients…

We spend the time with our customers and walk them through their problems step by step.

Patient focus

We make our patients our first priority and focus primarily on preventative and restorative methods of care. We take a well rounded-approach to your concerns and are happy to discuss emergencies over the phone even before you make your visit.

Straight-forward diagnosis

Our experienced Dentist Dr Henzell also enlists the help of many specialists to diagnose your problem while you’re in the chair. This way you can leave the surgery with renewed oral health and restored peace of mind.

The qualified team

Dr Henzell has carefully handpicked his staff to include only the most qualified and motivated people at his practice. Our principal dentist and his staff are continuously keeping up to date with dental advancements and courses to further their knowledge and skill in dentistry.

Highest dental standards

With an acquired knowledge and combining the latest materials and technologies, the team at New England Dental group are committed to providing the highest dental standards to our patients…

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