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There’s Only One Restorative Treatment That Replaces the Whole Tooth

Dental implants are the best restorative treatment currently available because they replace the whole tooth.  There are also a number of benefits to dental implants over bridges and dentures. While bridges and dentures are an effective way to looking after your natural teeth by replacing the crown of a missing tooth, they neglect your jaw.

The Importance of Your Jaw for Your Oral Health…

When you lose a tooth, the bone that ‘holds’ the tooth root starts to dissolve. After a year or so the level of jawbone deterioration can start to cause serious oral health problems. Some of the health problems that are associated with bone loss include:

  • Tooth loss
  • Gum disease
  • Your cheeks will have a hollow, sunken appearance
  • Malocclusion (misaligned bite)

Gum (periodontal) disease has been linked to several other severe health issues. Gum disease has been linked:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Heart disease

This is because chronic inflammation and bacteria can travel through your bloodstream affecting the rest of your body. One study put forth the idea that bacteria caused by gum disease can travel through the cranial nerve and contribute to the plaque that is responsible for Alzheimer’s.

A heart surgeon recently wrote an article explaining the role of chronic inflammation in heart disease and heart attacks. This is because chronic inflammation causes cholesterol to build-up which can cause heart attacks.

Dental Implants and Your Oral Health…

Getting implant dentistry is an effective way of looking after your teeth, gums and jaw. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth start to migrate in an attempt to close the gap.

The dental implant is made from a biocompatible titanium, so there is next-to-no chance of your body rejecting the foreign material. On the contrary, because the titanium is made from biocompatible material it is a healthy option.

Did you know in Ancient Egypt they used to hammer bone into your jaw for a tooth replacement? According to archaeological evidence, some cultures even used shell or ivory to replace a tooth.

Modern Implant Dentistry…

With advances in dentistry, implant dentistry is now the most effective, popular and long-term cost-effective restorative treatment for replace a missing teeth. The process for implant dentistry starts with a New England Dental Group dentist assessing your oral health and making sure that there is sufficient jawbone to proceed with the implant dentistry.

If you have sufficient jawbone density, the dental implant is surgically placed into your jaw. It can take as much as six months for your jaw to heal around the implant. Once your jaw has healed around the implant, the prosthetic tooth will be attached and your smile will be restored.

There are many benefits of implant dentistry: No one will be able to tell the prosthetic tooth from your natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat, laugh and smile without feeling self-conscious about the gap in your smile.

For more information about how New England Dental Group can help restore your smile, or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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