Fix your chips and cavities with New England Dental Group’s resin restorations

Resin restorations are versatile and can be used to install fillings as well as fix small chips or discrepancies in the teeth


Resin is a premium and versatile dental tool which can be used to both seal holes within the teeth and fix chips and misshapen sections of tooth. Tooth-coloured resin can also be used as a preventative measure which combats periodontitis and a myriad of other mental disorders involved with endodontics. Not to mention that they are much more cosmetically pleasing when compared to amalgam fillings which is the ‘antique’ treatment for cavities.

Resin restorations as prevention against root canal treatments

New England Dental Group in Armidale believe resin restorations are a premium preventative measure which can be used to combat the effects of plaque which can lead to cavities and periodontitis. Untreated cavities can expose the roots of the teeth and the nerves which can cause pain and serious damage. In the event that your roots get infected your dentist at New England Dental Group will have to remove the damaged tissue which can sometimes result in tooth loss depending on the severity. Therefore to avoid this easily avoided dental complication you should get regular check-ups with your dentist who will fill in any holes that may cause problems.

Benefits of Tooth-coloured resin

Tooth-coloured resin is a much more aesthetic solution than amalgam composite. The porcelain material of the resin enables it to blend flawlessly with your natural teeth creating a clean and clear smile which no one would ever suspect had fillings.  Your dentist may also be able to fix small chips in the tooth with this tooth-coloured resin as it provides a strong and solid sealant that can last up to ten years. Tooth-coloured composite also does not stain your teeth like silver fillings do which means that you’ll have whiter teeth all year round.

Replace your outdated silver fillings with our resin restorations!

Many people are opting to replace their amalgam fillings due to the possible health defects caused by them. Amalgam fillings have been in use for over a millennium and as such have gone under a lot of investigation in regards to their effectiveness and safety. It is still undecided upon whether or not amalgam fillings are safe as there is dispute in the dental community about whether or not the concentration of mercury is high enough to cause any damage. Here at New England Dental Group we prefer to use porcelain fillings as there are no possible side effects and they also look a lot better in the mouth – eliminating any unsightly flashes of silver while smiling.

You’re never too old to fix your teeth

A great smile is a wonderful asset at any age and as such you should never put off fixing your teeth because of your age. We have a lot of patients who are 50 years old or older who are opting to finally fix imperfections in their teeth. Confidence is not limited to any age so why don’t you come and see New England Dental Group about fixing your teeth today. If you have old amalgam fillings you can also elect to have them replaced by flawless tooth-coloured fillings.

If you would like to find out more about our range of resin restorations please visit New England Dental Group in Armidale or book an appointment by contacting us here.

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