Four Myths about Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy is a commonly misunderstood treatment. Read on to find four common myths dispelled.

Below are a few of the myths that surround root canal therapy. The professionals at New England Dental in Armidale NSW can help you with all of your dental needs.

1)      Root canal therapy is extremely painful.

In actual fact, root canal therapy doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it. Thanks to modern developments in dental technology, a root canal usually won’t be any more painful than a routine filling. A recent survey showed that patients who have undergone a root canal were six times more likely to describe the procedure as being ‘painless’ than patients who hadn’t ever undergone a root canal.

2)      A good alternative to root canal therapy is extraction

When it comes to your teeth, preserving your natural ones is always more desirable than extracting them or replacing them with false ones. Once an extraction has been performed, it is beneficial that the tooth be permanently replaced.

If the tooth is not replaced, it can cause an array of subsequent problems ranging from supraeruption, shifting of surrounding teeth and deterioration of the gum. Performing a root canal therapy is less expensive than an extraction and often the saved tooth can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

3)      A root canal therapy pulls out a tooth root

A root canal therapy does not involve removing the root of the tooth. Instead, the process involves inflamed or dead pulp being removed from inside the tooth, saving the tooth from further pain and infection.

The ‘pulp’ is the soft tissue in the canal that runs through the middle of the tooth. Once the tooth is fully formed it can actually function properly without the pulp, which is why it can be removed and the tooth can still be kept for a lifetime if properly cared for.

Once the dead pulp has been removed from the tooth’s canals, the canal is then cleaned, disinfected, and sealed with a strong material in order to prevent further infection. The tooth might also need a crown to restore the strength of the tooth so there is less chance of it fracturing.

4)      A root canal is a temporary measure

A root canal therapy can actually be a long term solution if properly cared for. If you maintain the health of your teeth and gums through daily brushing and flossing, your tooth will last for a lifetime. It is also imperative that you attend regular check-ups at the dentist to ensure that your teeth are properly being cared for. It is commonly suggested that you visit your dentist for a check-up and clean every six months.

We have a solution

If you are suffering from an uncomfortable or painful tooth, it is important that you visit your dentist as soon as possible. If you leave the toothache too long, you may end up losing the tooth permanently, which can lead to an array of further complications.

Don’t let dental fear stop you from visiting the dentist. We take extreme care in all of our procedures so that you will feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Contact us at New England Dental in Armidale NSW for a consultation today.

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