What do you really know about tooth whitening? Get the facts here!


As one of the most popular dental cosmetic treatment available, tooth whitening offers an inexpensive and effective way to shave years off the patient’s age and help them not only look good, but feel a renewed sense of confidence as well. 

As a treatment, tooth whitening offers fast and effective satisfaction rates. With the prospect of whiter teeth as a quick cosmetic fix, a handful of tricky home-whitening treatments and other products have surfaced to swing consumers away from practiced and safe dental treatments performed by a dentist.

Along with these intervening methods come piles of rumours associated with the treatments, so here at New England Dental Group located in Armidale, we want to offer you the opportunity to discover some quick facts and myths linked to teeth whitening treatments.

  • Teeth whitening products are all the same

There is a full range of different products that people can purchase to whiten their teeth, ranging from minimal whitening like toothpastes to home whitening kits and dentist prescribed whitening treatments.

Products differ in strength, compound, methodology, treatment timeframe and a heap of other variables that may affect the degree of whitening you can achieve with a product.  Make sure you look into the different products thoroughly before buying them because if you’re whitening your teeth without the assistance of a dentist it’s important to make sure you are getting the right treatment for you.

  • Whitening works for everyone

A common misconception is that everybody, no matter the reason for discolouration can get their teeth whitened. Patients may find that the cause of their discoloured teeth is actually a deeper issue and may need treatment rather than whitening. Also where crowns and veneers are involved, the materials used are not capable of being whitened but in being so are also generally resistant to staining.

In cases like ether of these, having a professional opinion on whether your teeth can be whitened from a dentist may be able to avoid costly product purchases that could otherwise be made redundant.

  • Whitening causes damage to your enamel

Honestly, plenty of things can be damaging to the enamel, but as long as the product you purchase for your whitening treatment has the Australian Dental Association tick of approval and is used as instructed, your whitening treatment will not damage your enamel.

Chemicals and different treatment opinions available to you on the internet and over the counter could potentially contain agents that may damage your oral health so try and stick to professional treatments and opinions to avoid any harmful products accessible in the market today.

  • Household products can whiten teeth

Eating the right foods like fresh vegetables and fruits daily can improve your oral health and assist in removing plaque from your teeth. Because the plaque is coming off, your teeth can naturally whiten as a result. Also baking soda is a common remedy suggested for tooth whitening but as a fairly concentrated and abrasive product, baking soda used too vigorously and often can cause damage to the gums.

Really the easiest way to maintain your oral health and whiten your teeth without a treatment is to brush your teeth twice daily and floss of an evening. This way you can lay a good foundation for your whitening treatment with plaque removal. When considering natural remedies to whiten your teeth, make sure you consult with a dental practitioner first in case you are doing more damage than good which can often be the outcome.

What treatment is available to me?

Here at New England Dental Group in Armidale we offer treatment plans with the Erskine designer white teeth whitening system which follows a method using a series of trays made from impressions of your teeth filled with a whitening agent. This treatment is safe and effective, offering great results and comes with a respectable and highly regarded dental opinion on the matter of whitening.

There are many other rumours and facts about tooth whitening that could be helpful for you to know while considering your treatment. So when you’re due for your next check-up or just wanting to get a brighter and whiter grin, book a consultation here at New England Dental Group and make sure you take the time to enquire about our tooth whitening treatment today.

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