How Root Canal Therapy Saves Your Tooth

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal treatment is designed to save your teeth


Are your teeth sensitive when you chew or bite? Do you have constant pain in one of your teeth? If you’ve answered yes to one or both of these questions you may require root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is not a painful procedure. It is, in fact, no more painful than getting a modern filling.
If you choose to forgo root canal therapy you run the risk of losing a tooth. This means you go from needing routine root canal therapy to a more involved treatment like a bridge or dental implant.

3 Root Canal Therapy Myths…

We’ve already covered two of them, but let’s look at them in a little more detail.

1. Root canal Therapy ends in extraction

False. Simply put, root canal therapy is the treatment you have in order to save your tooth. With modern medicine the treatment is a straightforward way of dealing with a painful tooth problem.

2. Root Canal Therapy is excruciating

False. We provide local anaesthetic so you’ll feel only minor discomfort.

3. A Root Canal Kills the tooth

False. Root canal therapy cleans the inside of the tooth so that it can heal.

Root Canal Treatment And What It Means For Your Oral Health…

Root canal therapy is usually required when an infection has developed inside the tooth. It is this infection that is causing you all the pain. It is also this infection that can cause tooth loss.

Root canal infection symptoms include:

  • Spontaneous pain
  • Sensitivity to hold or cold drinks
  • Pain with chewing or biting
  • Loosening of the tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Puss oozing around the tooth
  • Persistent abscess on the tooth

How a New England Dental Group dentist will solve your root canal infection is simple. The treatment involves:

  • disinfecting the pulp (internal portion of the tooth)
  • extracting the decay and infection and
  • filling the tooth with sealant.

In many cases once the infection is removed patients can expect to have a healthy and functioning tooth within a week or two. In some cases a crown may be needed to retain the strength of the tooth.

Dental Crowns and their benefits…

There a number of reasons why you might need a dental crown:

  1. damaged tooth
  2. fractured tooth
  3. root canal
  4. particularly bad filling

After you’ve had a filling your dentist may inform you that your tooth is weak because of how much infected pulp they had to remove. At New England Dental Group in Armidale we would recommend that if this is the case then get a dental crown.

A dental crown can be the difference between saving your natural tooth and having to have it removed. If a tooth has been severely weakened by a filling or root canal therapy then there is chance it could crack if you bite down on something hard.

If your tooth cracks and the crack goes below the gum line, a dentist will more often than not have to extract the tooth.

Tooth loss can cause serious oral health problems.

Which brings us back to why it’s so important to get root canal therapy, or to go see a dentist if your teeth are sore, sensitive or becoming loose.

For more information on our root canal therapy, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Armidale, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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