Crown and Bridgework

Do you have a tooth that is broken beyond repair of a general sealant? Crowns and bridgework can restore and repair teeth to their prime function and aesthetics….

Heavily filled teeth can develop stress fractures due to the strains that chewing can place on them.

Time to cap

As a general rule, if there is more filling remaining than the natural tooth structure, then the tooth should be capped by a crown. If a heavily filled tooth is filled beyond its means, the tooth will continue to crack and deteriorate.

Close the gap

If you are unfortunately missing some of your natural teeth due to extractions, you can now close these gaps in your smile with bridgework. Bridges are a suitable procedure to maintain the strength of the teeth on either side of the vacancy and will close the gap to restore chewing ability.

Secure placement

Unlike partial dentures which have to be removed for cleaning, bridges are fixed permanently in place. Bridges can be cleaned and flossed as normal and will restore strength, function and aesthetics to the smile.

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