Root Canal Therapy

Do you suffer with sensitivity when chewing or biting, or have a constant pain in one of your teeth? You may require root canal therapy…

Teeth that are badly decayed or aching can now be saved through a procedure called root canal therapy.


Root canal treatment is generally required when an infection has developed inside the tooth also known as ‘pulp’. This infection generally affects the nerve, causing a lot of pain and can potentially lead to tooth loss.

Signs you may have root canal infection include:

  • Spontaneous tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to hot food or cold beverages
  • Pain when chewing or biting on foods
  • Loosening of the tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Persistent abscess on the tooth
  • Puss oozing around the tooth

Root canal treatment

This involves disinfecting the internal portion of the tooth (pulp), extracting any remnants of decay and infection, then filling the internal structure with a sealant.

Restored tooth function

Once the infection is removed and the tooth is sealed, most patients can expect a healthy and functioning tooth within 1 -2 weeks. In some cases, a crown may need to be placed to ensure strength of the natural tooth.

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