What are the pros and cons of dental implants vs bridges?


Are you missing teeth? You are not alone. A national survey carried out in 2010 revealed that people of all ages suffer tooth loss due to a number of different causes.

Age Average number of missing teeth
15–24 2.2
25–44 3.3
45–64 6.0
65+ 11.9
All People 15+ 5.3

Source: National Dental Telephone Interview Survey 2010

As you can see in the table above, tooth loss is a very real problem for Australians. So how can you replace your teeth? Here at New England Dental we provide two main solutions for tooth loss: dental implants and dental bridges. We are often asked questions about the difference between dental implants and dental bridges, and what makes one treatment better than the other? Allow us to clear the air with the following comparison.

The pros and cons of dental implants vs bridges

Dental Implants:

Pros-of-dental-implants-vs-bridges Cons-of-dental-implants-vs-bridges



So, should I choose a dental implant or a bridge?

Although the initial cost of a dental bridge is less compared to a dental implant, eventually the bridge will need replacing. Other factors like bone recession and the risk of poor oral hygiene due to the inability to brush and floss effectively can cause detrimental health concerns for the patient. On the other hand, patients who have heavily restored teeth adjacent to the missing tooth may benefit from a dental bridge instead.

We recommend that patients organize a consultation with Dr Henzell so that he can assess the health of your smile and provide you with advice on your best course of action for treatment.

Who is a suitable candidate for dental implants?

The most common reason why someone may not be a suitable candidate for dental implants is lack of jaw bone density. The implant may not be supported without a dense enough jaw bone which may lead to implant failure. During your consultation, Dr Henzell will take special care to assess the jaw bone prior to commencing treatment so that your dental implant will have a high chance of success.

Dental Implants Armidale – Dr Geoff Henzell

Do you need to replace one or more of your teeth? Book a dental implant consultation with Dr Geoff Henzell at New England Dental in Armidale. Dr Henzell has over 30 years of experience as a dentist and offers happy gas (nitrous oxide) and local anaesthetic as pain relief options for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

For more information, or to book a consultation, contact Dr Henzell at New England Dental in Armidale today.

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