Three Benefits of Teeth Whitening

banner-teeth-whiteningThese days, whitening your smile is easy to do and can make such a difference to your appearance.

Ask yourself this question: Would you be happy if your smile was broadcast to the world as it is at the moment? Are there some discoloured teeth or small imperfections you’d fix if you had the opportunity? New England Dental Group in Armidale has an easy to use at-home solution for discoloured teeth – the Erskine Designer White Teeth Whitening System. Read on to find out why a whiter smile is beneficial for you.


A whiter smile may make you look healthier

Those with whiter teeth versus those with discoloured teeth tend to appear healthier because white teeth can be credited towards responsible oral hygiene and dietary habits. Whiter teeth can also make the gums and lips seem more pink which gives your smile radiance.

You may look more professional after teeth whitening image_teeth-whitening

A bright smile is a powerful asset in the workplace environment. Studies have shown that those with whiter and straighter smiles are able to make more sales and develop better relationships with colleagues. Why not enliven your career by easily brightening your smile in the comfort of your own home?

Your confidence may grow with whiter teeth

Stains on the teeth or discolouration can affect a person’s confidence. With pearly whites, the boost in confidence can bring your smile out of hiding and can improve your whole appearance and demeanour. With a radiant white smile, you may find yourself with the confidence to step up where previously you hung back out of self-consciousness.

New England Dental Group has what you need

The latest technology, designed to give you stunning, natural, white smile, is available in Armidale at New England Dental Group. Dr Geoff Henzell, our highly experienced dentist, will take a dental impression of your teeth so that a whitening mould can be created that fits your teeth perfectly. The Erskine Designer White Teeth Whitening System is explained in full so that you can achieve the best results in the comfort of your home.

To start your journey towards a more vibrant, whiter and brighter smile, contact the friendly team at New England Dental Group today.

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